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Global Café | Please Join Us

Topic: Developments of IPE and IPC in the Philippines

Time: 9am GMT, 4pm PH, 7pm AEDT

Speakers: Michael Sy and Roi Charles Pineda Moderators: Lorraine Walker, Johanna Dahlberg, and Richard Pitt

Abstract: The principles of interprofessional education and collaborative practice have probably been applied by Filipino healthcare professionals decades ago and they must have just called them differently. The Philippines is a developing country with a developing health care system. Fragmented and complex, pre- and post-pandemic, the Philippine health care will not only require individuals but competent teams that know how to deliver care for the population. This Global Cafe intends to describe how IPECP is being established in a developing country, discuss alternative approaches of how IPECP are employed, and outline plans towards doing IPECP in a post-pandemic Philippines.

Zoom Registration link:

For more information contact: Michael Sy

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