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Hey There,

Welcome to my personal website! This site aims to inspire you from the works that I do and partner with you to enhance the work that you do. Let's keep in touch!

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I'm Dr. Michael Sy


Let's connect!

Occupational Scientist
Occupational Therapist

Health Professions Educator
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How can I help you?

Speaker Engagements

I speak and train about topics that revolve around occupational therapy, interprofessional education and practice, and health science research.

Research Collaboration

I love collaborating on ideas that can turn into research projects within the fields of occupational therapy, occupational science and health professions education.



I share my expertise as an occupational therapist, researcher, and educator through consultative work.


With my desire to expand my presence through social media, I decided to activate my Youtube Channel. In this channel, you will mostly see VLOGs that are related to occupational therapy, rehabilitation sciences, health professions education, research, and things about my experiences in academia. The main aims of the videos you will see in the future are to inform, educate, and advocate using audio-visual and social media. Thank you for viewing and subscribing!

VLOG 3: Considerations Before Taking a Master's Degree
VLOG 9: Para Sayo ba Ang PhD?
VLOG 10: Academic Publishing, Paano Ba Yan?
E-Lecture: Qualitative Data Analyses in Health Professions Education
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