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This page is dedicated to update you with some news about what I am currently doing and recent milestones and achievements attained as a testament of my work and passion.


John Gilbert Award - MPS.jpeg

Dr. Sy’s exceptional doctoral dissertation exemplifies the very spirit of interprofessional collaboration, boldly pushing the boundaries of interprofessional knowledge and practice.

PAOT Award.jpeg

The winning research paper is entitled “Contemporary history: progress and resilience of occupational therapy in the Philippines (2004–2020)” (Sy, Yao, Panotes, Kaw & Mendoza, 2023).

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I am happy to share a magazine feature published in May 2024 about my life as an immigrant researcher in Switzerland.


Consult Dr. Sy

How I can help you or your team


Submit Inquiry:

Fill out the contact form to provide details about your needs and objectives for consultation.


Consultation Planning:

Upon receiving your message, I will review your inquiry and schedule an online consultation with you for further discussion.


Consultation Session:

During the consultation session, we will together determine if you would like me to do a lecture/workshop, work with you on a (research) project, or seek my expertise to complete a particular work/task (e.g., training).


Follow-Up Support

After the consultation session, we will discuss and evaluate how if our goals are met. We can then later decide if we need follow-up consultation sessions in the future.

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