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  • Michael P. Sy

Lectureship at Gunma University: Occupational Therapy in Asia

Thank you so much Gunma University (Gunma, Japan) thru Dr./Prof. Bumsuk Lee, for allowing me to share with you the Asian perspective towards the occupational therapy profession. Today, I gave an international, graduate-level lecture-workshop aimed to inform master/PhD students in OT, PT, and Nursing about how Asian-based elements -- collectivism, hierarchical society, disasters and wars, as well as religion and spirituality -- have shaped, is shaping, and will shape OT education, practice, and research in Asia.

The lecture was subsequently reinforced by a case-based learning session where the students were tasked to 1) identify an area of practice they want to develop or create in Asia or Japan, 2) discuss what strategies can be used (care, exercise, or occupations) to create this area of practice, and 3) present their plan(s) and outputs to the class. For more information about the full lesson plan I made for this international graduate school session, please feel free to contact me so I can send you accordingly.

The outputs of the students revealed interesting ideas:

1. IPE Group (OT, PT, NS): Home health care and family education about rehabilitation in Mongolia;

2. PT Group A: Use of culture-based sports for children under poverty conditions to promote self identity and school participation in SE Asia;

3. PT Group B: Use of physical, social, and cognitive activities in the workplace to promote life-work balance and prevent dementia for pre-retirement workers in Japan;

4. OT Group: Use of horticulture therapy and Japanese cooking groups to promote meaning and touch the sense of spirituality for patients with cancer.

I am so amazed from the outputs, anlakas maka-OBE! I've also met an OT Teacher In Training from Mongolia, Ms. Bulga today -- I know she will be a great and historical figure in Mongolian OT development in the near future. Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Missing all the friends whom I've met at GunmaDai for the past 4 years. See you again GunmaDai, you will always be a part of my success and passion. :)

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