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APMEC 2022 Presentation

Sharing with you our poster presentation at the Asia-Pacific Medical Education Conference 2022 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (virtually) today at 16 January 2022. Congratulations to our team--Claire, Nina, and Arden!

Presentation flow: "The aim of this presentation is to discuss the process of developing needs-based online continuing professional development modules in health professions education.

To give us all a context, limited access to continuing professional development in health professions education predates the pandemic. The shift to online learning and training provided opportunities to improve the accessibility and availability of CPD in HPEd. While we want to keep on learning, it is pivotal to inform CPD providers about the value of needs-based assessment and participatory approaches in developing online CPD opportunities in HPEd.

This is an on-going academic program improvement project that used a 2-phase mixed method design, where we first collected quantitative data (through an online survey) followed by qualitative data (through focus group discussions). The initial results informed Phase 1 in developing modules on 1) Clinical Teaching in Health Sciences and 2) Online Assessment of Student Learning. Our participants also informed us that they envision the modules to be provided fully online in a bisynchronous arrangement, within 6 weeks, and with consultation and feedback sessions.

At this point, we already have learned that a systematic, theoretically grounded, and needs-based approach in developing CPD activities in HPEd provides a participatory process among Filipino healthcare professionals.

This project hopes to initiate the normalization of providing high-quality and cost-effective CPD opportunities online in order to make HPEd more accessible, affordable, safe, and needs-focused in a post-pandemic society. Thanks for listening."

Next steps:

  • Pilot testing of the modules for 40 learners for FREE

  • Evaluation of the online CPD modules using Kirkpatrick's Model of Evaluation

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