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MPS Website 2.0: The Re-Launch!

2022: A Year of Better Things!

After almost two years of hiatus, I finally decided to renew my premium account in Wix. The past two year have been focused on transitions and adjustments--post-PhD, job adjustment, the pandemic, and other life priorities. However, after several encouragements from the people who support me, I have decided to update my website and add exciting contents in it, including my Vlog and a potential podcast.

Website Version 2.0

I created this website in 2017 when I was a PhD student with the URL But this year, I decided to use a new domain for this site for identity and consistency, hence the new URL is

Youtube Vlog

My Youtube Channel michaelsyotrp had been up and running since 2017. However, my last upload was in 2019. I feel really guilty because I have not been able to to upload a new one in spite of the requests and the subscription of people who seemed to appreciate selected vlogs that I made. To give it forward, I decided to upload a new vlog every month this starting this year--I will try. My latest is VLOG#9: Is a PhD for you this 2022?

Podcast and Livestreaming

With my new work since 2020 in UP Manila, I have experienced and tried out new things with digital technology and education. I also met and worked with new colleagues who are amazing and brilliant. One of the exciting projects that I will be embarking in this coming year is to do periodical podcast and livestreaming in the fields that I am in, mainly occupational therapy and health professions education. Stay tuned!

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