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  • Michael P. Sy

IPE Paper Accepted for Publication

I am glad (and ecstatic) to announce that my paper, after 4 revisions, entitled

=== "Filipino therapists' experiences and attitudes of interprofessional education and collaboration: A cross-sectional survey"


PhD Student, Tokyo Metropolitan University Adjunct Professor, Angeles University Foundation ===

has finally been accepted for publication in the Journal of Interprofessional Care (United Kingdom) (impact factor: 2.205) for 2017. The full paper will be available very soon in Medline and CINAHL for possible citation and dissemination. All research participants in this research will be sent an e-print of the full paper.

After seeing the acceptance letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Scott Reeves (Kingston University London), I felt so jubilant and relieved! But this victorious moment on my first official academic publication will not be possible if not for the help of the following people and organizations whom I want to thank:

*To UP-NTTCHP, maraming, maraming salamat. The conception of this paper started from this institution with the loving guidance of my Adviser Asst Prof Maria Elizabeth Martinez Grageda and Reader Prof Erlyn Sana. I would also like to thank the panelists during my thesis defense who helped me polish the paper further, Dr Carmelo Cunanan, Prof Teresita Camiling Mendoza, and Dr Normar Alviar. Special mention to Ms Alma Labro for helping me with the archives and literature review, malaking tulong.

*To AUF-CRD especially to Ms Madonna Valenzuela, thank you for helping me with my statistical analyses. I could not have explained my research better if not for your patience and teaching heart. I also want to thank Angeles University Foundation - CAMP for letting us conduct a series of IPE seminars for faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students in 2016. Maam Annalyn T. Navarro, salamat po sa support ninyo during those times.

*To my second mother and official printing expert, Prof Leticia Uyaco, thank you for providing me with the highest quality prints for my manuscript copies and for your never-ending support in all my endeavors. Finally, we made it happen!

*To my friends, Mr Roi Charles Pineda, thank you for being my cheerleader during my defense along with Ms Happy Orpiada and Ree Sumulong RPh (even if in absentia, hehe). I truly cherish our friendship and I miss you all so much!

*To all the OTRPs, PTRPs, and SLPs who participated and completed the online survey (circa 2015), you know who you are, thank you for being my partners and co-consumers of this research to improve the rehabilitation science professions in terms of education, practice, and research. Special thanks to PASP Sir Ken Kristoffer Tort and Ms Weng Arao Ynion, PPTA Maam Maria Elizabeth Martinez Grageda, and PAOT Mr Anthony Grecia for allowing me to tap your networks so the survey can be disseminated.

*To Gunma University Graduate School of Health Sciences, thank you for selecting me as one of your first batch of trainees for IPE Training in 2013. I would not have known about IPE better if not for this learning opportunity and experience. Specifically, I want to thank the organizers of GU-IPE training Dr Hideomi Watanabe, Dr Yoshiharu Tokita, Dr Takatoshi Makino, Dr Bumsuk Lee, Dr Hiromitsu Shinozaki as well as my classmates Dr Samuel Josafat, Dr Lhuri Dwianti Rahmartani, and Mrs Grace De La Peña-Kang!

*To my family (pamilee) who always supports me during joyful and sorrowful seasons -- Mommy Alma Palapal Sy this first publication is dedicated to you. It is like my first-born baby because I cannot still give you a real baby, so ito na po muna. I love you. To my brothers and sisters, thank you for loving and caring for me.

*And to my teachers who taught me how to write, read, and think the right way, I dedicate this first official academic publication to you. Special mention to Ate Michelle Ocampo Del Rosario, Mrs Maria Czarina Viray Oliveros (Ateneo HS), Mrs Gina P. Serquina (Ateneo GS). Thank you for not giving up on me when I really had a hard time comprehending and writing in English then. I am still a work in progress, but with this publication, I am more motivated to improve my writing more and more. :)

To God be the honor, power, glory, and praise!

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