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  • Michael P. Sy

The Art of Presenting Scientific Ideas

Hello Friends, I am posting an online lecture that hopes to give you practical tips when you embark into academia-related activities as a professional, educator, or a budding researcher. The aims of this online lecture are: (1) Discuss the meaningful purpose of publishing and presenting scientific works; (2) Identify key steps towards publishing in academic journals; and (3) Identify various means in creating a professional and creative academic presentation. Some slides may ask you questions. To make it interactive, please do not forget to share your responses in your social media accounts. It's easy to share them by clicking the SHARE links at the bottom of the website. Thank you so much for passing by.So, back to the question, how academic are you? Post your scores below. High or low, we always have a chance to improve, post away! :) Sincerely,MPS P. S. Oh, and if you are using these slides for educational purposes, please feel free to cite them accordingly: Sy, M. P. (2017). The art of presenting scientific ideas [Lecture]. Retrieved from



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