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  • Michael P. Sy

Kids & Gadgets

Hello Parents, Teachers, and Therapists:

I am sharing with you my latest infographic "Kids & Gadgets". This poster is organized to show the possible effects of gadget use among children today. Based on my personal and professional experiences as well as some literature reviews, gadget use per se is not necessarily harmful to a child. An excess of use or neglect of other activities may, however, put risks to your child's development. Therefore, as an occupational therapist, I am using the power of my license to educate and inform parents, teachers, and fellow therapists about some recommendations that I personally think you can maximize to facilitate the fullest developmental potential for your child. These recommendations are all based on the guiding principles and theories I constantly use in practice (then and now) and are not conclusive, or purely applicable to all children. You may use other alternatives aside from the three things I recommended, but please feel free to try them one by one, or in combination.

I hope that this poster can be useful for your child (parents), your practice (fellow therapists) and in your classes (teachers). :)

I am thankful to Prof Joyce Marzan (SLP) and Prof Ruth Zemke (OT) for their brilliant minds and hearts to serve the people we are purposed to serve. :)


Mike Sy

To cite: Sy, M. P. (2017). Kids and gadgets (Infographic). Retrieved from

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