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  • Michael P. Sy

Newsletter Published in the CAIPE Website

Thank you so much to the Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (UK) for featuring my newsletter about the "European Interprofessional Education Network" Conference in your official website. This opportunity is extra special because this year, the CAIPE is celebrating its 30th year of foundation as a global organization. Again, I would like to thank the CAIPE Chair, Sir Richard Pitt, for the opportunity to be able to attend in global conferences like the EIPEN as a student. I also would like to express my sincerest thanks for the hospitality of the CAIPE Members who accommodated my before, during, and even after the EIPEN conference: Ms Jenny Ford, Ms Helena Low, and Ms Emma Beal. The title of my newsletter is "CAIPE Report: Reflections from the Seventh European Interprofessional Education Network Conference 2017" which contains the highlights, learnings, and future directions from the EIPEN 2017 Conference. For students and professionals who are interested in interprofessional education and collaborative practice as well as its applicability to research fields such as substance addiction and community health (my research interests), please download in the CAIPE website or in this blog entry. CAIPE Report by Michael P. Sy, MHPEd, OTRP

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