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  • Michael P. Sy

The OT Hub Featured My Vlog

Thank you so much to The OT Hub, a community-focused organization in the UK and championed by Mr. Jamie Grant, for featuring my first VLOG into their website. The mission of this online community of global occupational therapists is... "Mission: To provide an international platform for the exploration, collaboration and promotion of the occupational therapy profession. We aim to bring the OT community closer together - and, in doing so, improve the support it provides to the public." (OT Hub Website, 2017)

This website offers so many platforms to inform, educate, and advocate occupational therapists, other professionals, and the public about the beautiful contributions of the OT profession to the world. To access the well-crafted and valuable information offered by The OT Hub, apply for a membership for free: More power The OT Hub! Looking forward to collaborating with you more and to more global occupational therapists in 2018! :) MPS

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