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  • Michael P. Sy

My Infographics Translated in Mandarin (Chinese)

I am so ecstatic to announce that two of my infographics have been translated into Mandarin Chinese (普通话), thanks to Mr. Dave Guo Wai of Davecare Children's Rehab Centre of Beijing (China). Aside from the amazing translation, I am glad to be able to share my informative graphic works outside the English-speaking world who are affected with and by disability. To my Chinese-speaking colleagues, brothers, and sisters, I hope this infographics help you understand better how we (therapists) want to help you. Thank you very much. 谢谢。

Please feel free to share, like, and comment. We would love to hear from you. For translation in other languages, please send me a PM. :)

Yours truly, Mike Sy


Acknowledging the experts who I cited in this work: Prof. Joyce Marzan and Prof. Emeritus Ruth Zemke. Also thanks to Ms. Jemilyn Kaw for volunteering to make a Traditional Mandarin version based on the Simplified Mandarin translation.


Original Work "Kids and Gadgets" (English): *This infographic has also been translated into Greek by Mr. Dimitris Baltoumas.

Original Work "Common Questions of Parents to Therapists and A Therapist's Response" (English):

Also available in the following languages: Kids and Gadgets (English), Kids and Gadgets (Greek)

Also available in the following languages: Common Questions (English)

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