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  • Michael P. Sy

Kids & Gadgets in Filipino Language

As requested and promised, the "Kids and Gadgets" infographic has now been translated into the Filipino language (based in Tagalog) for our clients, parents teachers, and therapists who are more comfortable in using the national language. Thank you very much to Ms. Arthea Arese Quesada for taking time and effort to make the Filipino translation, I am sure that as educators we know that more will benefit from this.

To my colleagues, make this a practical tool for your practice or everyday use, you may print them out in poster size (A3) for bulletin posting or A5 (half of a bond paper/A4) for the notebooks of your clients.

For a clearer copy for printing (PDF), please click here.

Thank you for sharing and for your requests. Yes to a more aware, informed, and educated Filipino public! God bless! :)

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