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  • Michael P. Sy

VLOG 02: Released



After two weeks, I am so happy to release my Vlog #2 (five minutes) that aims to talk about “The Five Responses the Public Give When They Learn You Are an Occupational Therapist”. I have identified five common responses I have received in the past 12 years (as an OT student and professional combined) from people when they knew about my job as an occupational therapist:

1) So, ano ba ang difference ng OT sa PT? (English: So what is the difference between OT and PT?)

2) Mahilig ka ba mag-"overtime”? (English: Do you like doing “overtime" at work?)

3) Magaling ka siguro magmasahe? (English: You must be good in doing massage?)

4) Uy, yung kapitbahay namin may SpEd na anak, pwede mo ba turuan? (English: Hey, my neighbor has a “special child”, can you teach him/er?)

5) Ay, diba in-demand yan, mabilis yumaman yung mga OT lalo na sa abroad? (English: Isn’t OT in-demand? They easily get rich especially abroad.)


URL of Vlog #2:

=== If I missed anything in this Vlog entry, please feel free to comment your insights below. I am hoping that somehow this Vlog gave the public a better understanding about occupational therapists. Yes to a better informed, educated, and aware Filipino public! :)

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Acknowledgements: Thank you so much to the ~2.2K FB viewers, ~100 YT viewers, and 10 YT subscribers (at least meron, he-he) from my first Vlog. Maraming salamat din sa friends, colleagues, and social media friends who are encouraging me to do more teaching using social media. To God be the glory!

Disclaimer: JPG and PNG files were owned by me or retrieved from Google Search. I do not own the TESDA, PRC, UP-PGH, Youtube PNGs, and Patient Care Photos. The content of this Vlog does not reflect any of my present affiliations and was solely created by yours truly based on personal and professional experiences.

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