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  • Michael P. Sy

For Your Infographics: What Makes Occupational Therapy (OT) Different from ABA?

Occupational therapists (OTs) and ABAs work together to provide help to people with autism, but they use different theories and approaches to define their professional identity. This infographic aims to highlight the value of occupational therapy in modern-day Filipino health and disability awareness... and educate. All contents are based on my personal experience & opinion.

I specifically created this infographic to demystify the confusion on the public's perception towards occupational therapy (OT). Like other professions, OT continues to strive in producing more evidence on its effectiveness as a profession to different kinds of people having various conditions. OT is a profession that remains mindful of its professional heritage but at the same time, it perseveres to utilize its imperfections to establish itself as a unique profession that celebrates life engagement, participation, and appreciation.

If you think that this infographic is informative, educative, and useful, please share, like, and comment. :)

Download PDF for printing here.

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