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  • Michael P. Sy

My 2nd International Publication (OTMH)!


I am so ecstatic to announce that my 1st Ph.D. paper entitled "The role of Filipino occupational therapists in substance addiction and rehabilitation: A Q-methodology" has been published in the "Occupational Therapy in Mental Health" international journal with my Ph.D. adviser/supervisor Prof./Dr. Nobuo Ohshima of TMU-Arakawa and co-author/partner Ms Nicole Roraldo OTRP this April 2018!

Glory to God in the highest for this blessing, opportunity, and faithful testament!

Let me utilize this post by thanking everyone who has been part of this successful journey and especially to those who stood by me all throughout:

1. To the PAOT Inc. esp to Dr. Stephanie Balid-Atwell for coordinating the research partnership;

2. To my research aides Mr. Rod Charlie Delos Reyes and Ms. Pauline Gail Martinez for giving your time and insights to improve the research implementation;

3. To my writing mentors Dr. Joax Antonio Otcideneb, Dr. Kee Hean Lim, and Mr. Roi Charles Pineda for helping me improve my academic writing abilities;

4. To my logisticians and photographers, Ms. Nally Sy, Mr. Mark Gerald Sy, thank you for sharing your time with your brother and for letting me introduce you to my "world";

5. To all the participants, supporters, collaborators, and partners (Angeles University Foundation), this publication would not be possible if it were not for your willingness to share and impart;

6. And to those who provided me with so much moral support in pushing forward for the advancement of occupational therapy in the Philippines and beyond -- Prof. Teresita Camiling Mendoza, Prof./Dr. Michael Iwama, and my TMU occupational therapy professors, colleagues, and friends!


To access the full publication, please feel free to download the free PDF in this URL:

For free copies, please e-mail me at my work e-mail stated in the photo, I will give you a free one or try clicking here to download.

For citation: Sy, M. P., Ohshima, N. & Roraldo, M. P. N. R. (2018). The Role of Filipino Occupational Therapists in Substance Addiction and Rehabilitation: A Q-Methodology. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, doi: 10.1080/0164212X.2018.1446206

Please do share, comment, or even promote this very relevant academic paper with me towards a better drug rehabilitation and mental health in the Philippines and beyond. :)

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