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  • Michael P. Sy

Speakership Updates: Year 2018

I have just updated the speakerships related (and some not directly related) to my Ph.D. studies that I have done for the past three months. To make it easier for you to know the main topics I speak about, I did a wordcloud (the bigger words are the topics I talk about the most):


Note: If you cannot see words in the wordcloud, you can click it to enlarge the figure.


For invitations, I am open to provide speakerships on any of the topics (or topics related to) below: [From most recent] Sy, M. P. & Kaw, J. (18 May 2018). An Asian perspective towards the occupational therapy profession [Massive open online course]. Pacific Rim Rehabilitation, Beijing, China. Sy, M. P. (24 March 2018). Transformative occupational therapists: From techniques to occupations [Lecture]. Project Pond, Quezon City, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (24 March 2018). The art of presenting scientific ideas [Lecture]. Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (20-21 March 2018). Curriculum planning for the 21st-century health care workforce [Seminar and workshop]. Liceo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (17 March 2018). Social science and health research and publication issues: Publication, realistically speaking [Lecture]. Angeles University Foundation Graduate School, Angeles City, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (14 March 2018). Health research proposal evaluation and mentoring [Seminar and workshop]. Central Luzon Health Research and Development Consortium, Department of Science and Technology, City of San Fernando, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (9 March 2018). Family 101 Plus: Empowering special families [Seminar and workshop]. ASA Club & IMAGINE, Padang, Indonesia. Sy, M. P. (5 March 2018). OT seminar: Mixed-method research in occupational therapy, Q-methodology [Lecture]. Cebu Doctors' University, Cebu, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (4 March 2018). Family 101 Plus: Raising Filipino children with special needs in modern-day Philippines [Seminar and workshop]. Children's Paradise Montessori School, Cebu City, Philippines. Note: All lecture are available upon request from the author. For requests and invitations, please e-mail MPS here. :)

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