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  • Michael P. Sy

VLOG 04: OT Lecture in China (MOOC)

(26 May 2018) I really enjoyed this first time experience of doing a MOOC (mass open online course) on "An Asian Perspective towards Occupational Therapy Profession" for Chinese participants, therapists, and health care professionals. To all the 46 participants who joined today's MOOC, thank you for your time and we do hope that you learned something valuable to advance the occupational therapy profession in China. We were very happy to receive and answer (to the best of my ability) your post-MOOC questions with the following themes (non-verbatim): 1. How is occupational therapy in China doing compared to its neighboring Asian countries? 2. What are some standardized tools in OT that we can efficiently use for Chinese children with disabilities? 3. What can you say about the lower salary of local OTs in China compared to foreign-trained OTs who are being employed recently in the country? 4. Local OTs usually provide OT services every day for clients, what are its implications to quality service? 5. What are your recommendations for Chinese OTs to advance the OT profession in China? So many thanks and hugs to my translator Ms. Jemilyn Kaw, Mr. Dave Guu for making this MOOC happen, and to the Pacific Rim Rehabilitation for hosting the MOOC. Without you, this event wouldn't be possible! Hoping and praying for a bright future for occupational therapy in China! :) The MOOC's trailer can be viewed here:

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