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  • Michael P. Sy

Poster Presentation at #ATBH9 Auckland

Today, I am presenting a poster presentation in behalf of my colleague and former OT students (now graduates and some OTRPs) from Angeles University Foundation — Pauline Gail Martinez, Aya Medina, Abi Mesina, Fatima Labung, Maria Rosa Vicencio, & Danae Tulabut.

The title of our poster presentation is:

“Are we a quality mental health care team? Baseline assessment on the quality of interprofessional collaboration among Filipino mental health professionals”

This was our initial attempt to share about the results of my students’ undergraduate thesis (BSOT) in AUF, hoping to achieve outcomes and let students appreciate the fruits of doing research, not to mention going global for local impact — beyond just doing OBE, I believe. 🙂

We can do this AUF-OT Team! For free pdf download, click here.

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