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  • Michael P. Sy

I have just updated the speakerships related (and some not directly related) to my Ph.D. studies that I have done for the past three months. To make it easier for you to know the main topics I speak about, I did a wordcloud (the bigger words are the topics I talk about the most):


Note: If you cannot see words in the wordcloud, you can click it to enlarge the figure.


For invitations, I am open to provide speakerships on any of the topics (or topics related to) below: [From most recent] Sy, M. P. & Kaw, J. (18 May 2018). An Asian perspective towards the occupational therapy profession [Massive open online course]. Pacific Rim Rehabilitation, Beijing, China. Sy, M. P. (24 March 2018). Transformative occupational therapists: From techniques to occupations [Lecture]. Project Pond, Quezon City, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (24 March 2018). The art of presenting scientific ideas [Lecture]. Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (20-21 March 2018). Curriculum planning for the 21st-century health care workforce [Seminar and workshop]. Liceo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (17 March 2018). Social science and health research and publication issues: Publication, realistically speaking [Lecture]. Angeles University Foundation Graduate School, Angeles City, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (14 March 2018). Health research proposal evaluation and mentoring [Seminar and workshop]. Central Luzon Health Research and Development Consortium, Department of Science and Technology, City of San Fernando, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (9 March 2018). Family 101 Plus: Empowering special families [Seminar and workshop]. ASA Club & IMAGINE, Padang, Indonesia. Sy, M. P. (5 March 2018). OT seminar: Mixed-method research in occupational therapy, Q-methodology [Lecture]. Cebu Doctors' University, Cebu, Philippines. Sy, M. P. (4 March 2018). Family 101 Plus: Raising Filipino children with special needs in modern-day Philippines [Seminar and workshop]. Children's Paradise Montessori School, Cebu City, Philippines. Note: All lecture are available upon request from the author. For requests and invitations, please e-mail MPS here. :)

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  • Michael P. Sy

(26 May 2018) I really enjoyed this first time experience of doing a MOOC (mass open online course) on "An Asian Perspective towards Occupational Therapy Profession" for Chinese participants, therapists, and health care professionals. To all the 46 participants who joined today's MOOC, thank you for your time and we do hope that you learned something valuable to advance the occupational therapy profession in China. We were very happy to receive and answer (to the best of my ability) your post-MOOC questions with the following themes (non-verbatim): 1. How is occupational therapy in China doing compared to its neighboring Asian countries? 2. What are some standardized tools in OT that we can efficiently use for Chinese children with disabilities? 3. What can you say about the lower salary of local OTs in China compared to foreign-trained OTs who are being employed recently in the country? 4. Local OTs usually provide OT services every day for clients, what are its implications to quality service? 5. What are your recommendations for Chinese OTs to advance the OT profession in China? So many thanks and hugs to my translator Ms. Jemilyn Kaw, Mr. Dave Guu for making this MOOC happen, and to the Pacific Rim Rehabilitation for hosting the MOOC. Without you, this event wouldn't be possible! Hoping and praying for a bright future for occupational therapy in China! :) The MOOC's trailer can be viewed here:

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Who says sports cannot be used in occupational therapy? Soccer has been used by occupational therapists as a modality towards positive mental health and well-being in other parts of the globe (Mulholland, Rooney, & Pettigrew, 2014). Soccer is seen as an occupation to improve both physical and mental health, promote social interaction, healthier lifestyle, and self-confidence. Evidence suggests that adults with severe and persistent mental health illness lost 14.5 years of their lives due to general medical problems, diabetes, suicide, and cancer (Jones, 2010).

Last 4th of May an initiative was organized by the Occupational Therapy Unit of Mariveles Mental Hospital (MMH) in collaboration with the Philippine Football Federation Grassroots Development Program to promote and introduce sports and mental health to the community. Most of the participants were children and their families. The MMH Head of Hospital, Dr. Ma. Lourdes Evangelista, even emphasized during her welcoming remarks how valuable sports is in maintaining a stable mental health. She even reiterated, "Let's get our kids running again..."

I am extremely proud and glad to see how occupational therapists in mental health in the Philippines are trailblazing collaborative partnerships in healthcare practice, mental health promotion to the next level, and ultimately the therapeutic usage of actual occupations in real environments with real people. Kudos Nicole and your team! :) To view the whole article by Ms. Nicole Roraldo, please click here.


Jones, J. (2010) Life Expectancy in Mental Illness. Psych Central. Retrieved 14 May 2018 from

Mulholland, F., Rooney, B., & Pettigrew, J. (2014). Report: Innovations in occupational therapy mental health services in Ireland. WFOT Bulletin, 70, pp. 39-40.

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